filtering egos

i think i am finally close to my launch. 5 years dedicated exclusively to set up ecce cello, i must trust myself now. it’s now or never. i did this already in the past, i was my own manager with my theatrical company, and it worked quite well.

the problem is my insecurity, and my obsession for the “how”. i wanted to produce a little video to catch cultural programmers attention. that’s not easy!

i was not sure about the character it should have. finally i decide kind of interview. but how much should it last? 1 minute, 2 minutes, three?? i did a research on short videos. it seems two minutes is the ideal. but the shorter video you want to make, the longer it takes. i am suffering… so i made all possibilities.

first i made a 3 minutes version:

and also a 1 minute version

but then i was not sure and made a 2 minutes version

working alone always puts you after a couple of weeks in a dead-end. then i asked for criticism to family and friends. most liked this or that, but then i had a very good critic from a friend (thank youuuuu for being so honest and even destructive!! uhhhh!), and i realized and became conscious of something i already knew: all videos were overwhelming and full with way too many things, due to my insecurity and big ego, oh vanity!! it’s just left that i fly and trow fire thru my mouth!! it’s like saying “eh! look how many things i can do!!” but these videos were meant to sell and promote my music, not my ego. anyway.

back to start again. now i am doing a new video editing focusing in ecce cello and filtering my super-ego trip. will i be able?? not sure…

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do i need an institute or a mental institution?

first i thought it was funny to call it “institute for unsuccessful artists”.
cabezera institute wordpress

i created a name, a logo, a website… and then, taking advantage of this parallel reality called internet, and do it credible, i created all social media bullshit related to it.

but there were not good feelings about the word “unsuccessful”, and it seems not everyone would get the fucking joke. so i had to buy another fucking domain name and i re-named it like “institute for uncharted artists” i think in a few days my “institue” growed up quite well, and was improved with a better logo and website domain. scheiße!

logo IUA uncharted

all this came when i decided making a short-super-video to promote my work and be able to sell it. but then i realized that it was not enough. how to call attention with so many things happening on the internet, one thousand per hour? then this “institute” came to my mind.

so the institute will contact cultural institutions, programmers and festivals. and then i will make a second contact. whether they think it’s truth or they take time to discover the “fake”, i hope it will help me to be differentiated from the daily mountain of proposals and information they get, and to trap their attention.

am i just procrastinating the moment to lauch the video?? i’m exhausted.

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Les Pleurs (The Weeping)

adaptation for harpsichord from the original music for two viola da gambas of the composer monsieur sainte-colombe.

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no internet

i decided not to put internet in my new place. i use it as a tool of work, that’s right; i am administrator of 3 websites, i sell my music recordings, i distribute my work… but i just can’t handle this infinite web hole. i have no twitter, no facebook… but whatever. in my opinion we are not prepared for this fucking internet. at least i’m not. i am unable to concentrate and make a right use of it. i’m like a child left alone in a candy shop. maybe i am researching something specific, but after two hours i wake up, realizing i watched 10 stupid videos of cats, read 10 useless technology articles based on curiosities. it’s a trojan horse. i have not found the way to keep straight with internet. it’s like trying to keep a diet, and live in the middle of an infinite pastry shop. also, when i have no internet, i read a lot of paper books.  

when i need it, i will go to a coffee shop or a friends house, but i will keep that shit away from my routines. so i can focus and keep on with my life

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I am in!!!

I got to be accepted in the künstlersozialkasse!!! oh yeah

this is the german social security for artists. it’s a very complex process to get in, they will check every single detail, to see whether you are eligible or not.

it’s been 5 years working in black, having no insurance and not seeing the moment this would change. but slowly, things get better… now i got it!! i’m so happy. this will help me a lot, to make this 2015 year, the year of ecce cello. everything is positioned to be launch.

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shooting with my bro!

bro working 2015 2

shooting with my brother these days for the new promotional video of ecce cello. thanks bro! … for 15 years i make very good videos of all my projects, spending weeks and weeks of work, learning to make them dynamic, good credits, animations, postproduction, bla bla bla … i do not think i have ever sold more performances or achieved anything worthwhile for all the work i put into these videos.

but in this in this one i have high hopes. it will last less than 2 minutes. what a challenge! and once i have it, i will start to distribute ecce cello properly. after 5 years of developing … but it may be that this video does not mean anything, like the others… and become once more an exercise in vanity and onanism, due to the frustration of not having expectations of outputting an impulse that bites inside. we’ll see.

I was so cold out there with the snow mannnnn!

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promo video

i’m gonna make a promo video. i have already spent 5 years of ecce cello daily hard work. i have a new cd release, which i am really proud of. a brand new website. and a 70 minutes show that works already like charm. i’m starting to feel ready to distribute my work propperly, as i did with my theatrical company. so i’m gonna make a fucking 2 minutes video, in order to show to the cultural curators how is my work. it’s going to be really difficult. i made already many videos, but this one really has to hit the mark. googling i have discovered a funny, and provably useful tool, to get criticism for “in-progress” video editings. if you are into video editing, provably you’re gonna like it:

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schubert: die schone mullerin

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this is the information:

at my mother’s i have my restek fable amplifier, as well as my dynaudio audio boxes. only here i can listen music properly. today it’s the turn of the shostackovich’s 5th shymphony. how lucky i am!

there’s also other important information: “long journey to the night” of louis ferdinand-céline. what a good book!

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they were buffons, clowns… artists just making fun of it all. and they killed them…


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5 am, i’m so happy!

i’ve always been a nocturne worker. here at my mothers place i can be all night working. yesterday i finished at 8 in the morning. i just send to hell all work i had done during 10 days to the other website. ah! i found other ideas and techinchal resources, voila! after 3 nights here it is:
edited: link fixed
here it is this modafucka

it’s still left a lot of work to do, and there are many miss-funcionalities, but the site i’ve done in the second attempt, is 100 times better than the other… shit. i’m so content!

fuck, it’s been many years working in this project. this year is the year. everything is ready, and i want to take care of every detail to make this launch up.

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: /

after 10 days of work, today i realized that the new site i made for ecce cello is a shity one. so i will start again from scratch getting away from wordpress and using other platforms.

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requiem for the 43 from Iguala

from all new pieces of the new cd, this is by far the one that let me totally exhausted. usually i compose with my cello, from ideas that come from improvisations. but this time i wanted to sit and write first of all the music. it was fucking tough. i couldn’t barely play it live. it was 3 weeks of full time work to record it, and over all, make a good production; finding the right character, the equilibrium in the mixing, the kind of reverb (i tried maannyyyyy…), to get on tune each little part, to choose the right take among 30… it was exhausting. but one day i knew i had it.

it’s dedicated to the 43 students recently killed and thrown to a dump in méxico. what the fuck does it matter what it took me to make it?

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mi first profesional design

CD 1 WEB CD 2 web CD 5 sin cd

it took me so much pain. and i thought i would never get to send it to the printing office, but finally 1.000 units were printed with not even a millimeter of error. for which i congratulate myself. :D

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roy kafri and vania heymann

one of the best musical videos i’ve ever watched:

of course… i wanted to know who were these two guys (the musician and the guy who directed, edited and created the video). so i got to know these two israelian mates, who have made several things together… what an envy not to have aver found someone to work with! with that affinity!

here another wonderful work they did together, but this time directed by the musician, roy kafri.

vania heymann

roy kafri

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