design nightmare

•    no printing guarantee for below at least 0,1mm line width (coloured elements) and 0,15mm (white elements). Are you aware of that risk?
•    We partly have still rgb-mode instead of cmyk-mode everywhere. Please correct this and resend the file.
•    There is unchanged not enough motive bleed (3mm) for the upper right motive: it needs to have a width of 144mm as well.
•    the black of the texts is majorly used in 4c cmyk-black (partly just the outlines, majorly the whole text): risk of color flashes then, 1c black would be better.

dilletant! i’m also taking care of the cover design of my cd, after having my illustrator file rejected 4 times from the designers of the printing company, because of technical failures –even if i asked the help of a friend who is a designer– i had this list as an answer. i am suffering, i’ve invested my best energy, efforts and dozens of hours… but doing a design to be specifically printed has very many specific technical requirements, crazy ones. after studying all the weekend (specially this 4c / 1c black color shit) yesterday i sent it for the fifth time. i pray, i really pray. producing this cd is fucking going to kill my nerves.

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i am mastering. the final stage of my never-ending recording. it’s enough with never ending editing, and mixing and re-recording and re-composing… but i’m so afraid, the mastering will freeze in time all my music pieces, all their imperfections and their mistakes. after 2 years changing hundreds of little details compulsively, stop! it’s over. i’m exhausted, i’m so close.

i found a very nice audio engineer in berlin, with affordable prices and a good sensibility (marco! from, and we are together pushing my shit to it’s limits. ahá!

…this is the most demanding and brainbreaking production/project i’ve ever faced. i will survive.

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video dance

the most inspiring video-dance i have seen in my ____

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inverted scale

ten years ago i used to get 3.000€ for a solo performance of my work. yes, sometimes i would also accept 2.000€. when i came to berlin 4 years ago, i performed in kulturkosmos for 1.500€ with one of my solos, although i had to accept the same year only 500€ to play in fusion festival.

this year, fusion only offered to me 150€(!!!) for a concert, and i was lucky. this 90.000 attendants  festival asked me to play for free past year. what the fuck is going on david?? i thought the scale was the other way around, you start getting little, and then… i have to fix this mess soon.

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cd design and colour mode

i’m just becoming crazy. these last days i had to learn what’s the colour profile “PSO_Uncoated_ISO12647_eci” and how to install it, also put work in CMYK mode. wtf! finally i am totally stuck with what i thought it would be the easiest part of the cd design; the cd print itself. all the options that i do, the look too efectista and sensacionalist. come on! i can’t accept them… but i have just what it comes out from me! what can i do? i’m not a designer. and i won’t trust anyone else to define my work!

1 ecce galleta 2 ecce galleta 3 ecce galleta 4 ecce galleta 5 ecce galleta 6 ecce galleta 7 ecce galleta 8 ecce galleta

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good vibrations

so many good things happening these last days. berlin shows it’s most kind face. after these 3 years and a half here, finally i fucking signed a contract for my own fucking apartment! a place to work, to hide, to rest, to disappear… my girl also is getting more and more working proposals, sasha waltz has already offered to her to dance 5 fucking pieces, and then matanicola, and yesterday… omg! she is the fucking boss of the fucking fuck in berlin. maureen, my maureen!

and my cd. almost finished. ah. this is beautiful.

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here it is!

contraportada ecce test7i think i almost got it. something totally opposed. more clean and simple. a little bit too clasic. but this one works like charm i think. the other ones were too… easy! this one i had to produce the hole fucking picture and work on the composition a while, but i think i am very close. i can smell it…

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title list design (still in process)

this endless work is letting me exhaust. but i am close to the end. producing a cd is a long wayyyyy… it seems finally the mixing is done, now i have to master (omg!), but before i have to send to the print the cd cover design. seriously?? am i going to do this by my self? yeah. i have to. i don’t have money to pay a designer. i couldn’t rely this work on someone else anyway. but… why so many colours?? couldn’t i do something cleaner and simpler??  here are some tests of the title list:





when i was 15 years old, in my punk environment we used to do everything by ourselves. designing the posters, the recordings, the whatevers… nowadays these crazy technologies allow you to develop almost professional quality productions from home at video, music, photography… of course. i know i can’t do a fine work, as a real designer would, they are able to to really crazy, beautiful and at the same time simple things. but anyway…

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more concerts! yeah

beautiful and fulfilling concert in hannover (thanks to limon and cem!). i’m starting to feel control, the capacity to play what i propose. just begging to visualize the immense pleasure of playing concerts week after week. what a pleasure for my hole body, mind and whatever that occupy the place of the soul. this is total happiness. this is what i have been struggling for so long, with so much desire and sometimes fear. it’s almost here. pa pa parrá pa pi ti ti pú!!!

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i just played a very joyful concert in “songs from a room” sofar two days ago. i was one whole week rehearsing for a 25 minutes show. but it was worthy. i enjoyed it so much. and these guys will make a great video soon. now i have to focus in hannover’s performance, as it will be longer, i have to rehearse more and more. soon my new recording will be finished, after these 4 years of ecce cello hard work, i will give myself the permission to feel prepared, and to start an strategy for selling my work, finding concerts, festivals and opportunities to share my music all over the world. and hopefully my life will become just this… rehearse, travel, play, record, compose, rehearse, travel, play, compose… i’m so close to make it happen. this time i can feel it! no matter how many difficulties i find in my way (can be anything harder than playing everyday in the streets during 4 years? it was the better school i could have had). it’s so close.

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all the songs of my father

ramala music has edited a triple cd with all the recorded songs of my father. i love his first recordings. it’s quite an experience to listen very loud with headphones the voice that broke with it’s screamings and orders my life of child.

GONZALO - papa disco
this fucking voice has marked my hole life.

“yo, tú” (1977) – gonzalo

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I’m a freak.

some days ago i was with my family, with crazy kids like goats screaming and jumping all around. someone had put loud music, this music shown on TV for children. when it was over, it occurred to me to put on youtube mahler’s symphony No.3. soon my brother came down to ask me not put it loud “ey man, what the fuck is that? with so many instruments and melodies that do not understand anything! that’s fucking freaky man, you’re freaking the children. turn it down.” i didn’t. 10 minutes later came my brother‘s girlfriend. what is that? mahler. what? mahler, don’t you know it?. malek? what’s mayer??. mahler is a composer. aha, sounds nice.

Mahler – Symphony No. 3 in D minor- VI. Langsam. Ruhevoll. Empfunden

fuck. too bad man. how can anyone live completely outside mahler?

mahler is like the fucking ocean. dear esther, seriously, you’ve never seen the sea? i mean, who wants to live exposed to the sea everyday. you’d die of suffocation. but don’t you need to see it from time to time?

on the other hand I think how wonderful it would be to hear again for the first time (again for the first time, again for the first time!) one of his lieder, or the symphony No. 9 … or see his name written for the first time. that sandwiched hache!

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time to rest

to enjoy a tranquil week with the family and the children. to disconnect totally from internet and any electronic device (except my headphones, where i have all my recent recordings, to listen again and again, to decide whether i publish them my next cd or not. so if i finish it some day!)

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my girl

she is premiering next week in berlin!! her struggling face is glued in the walls of this city of the fallen wall. she just came less than 2 years ago to berlin… damm! she doesn’t stop making production after production… i remember i saw for the first time to this non-stop dancer in madrid, when we were around 20 years old. even then she was dancing with one of the best dance companies in spain. she never admits it, she doesn’t like to recognize she is one of the few… no one of all the dancers that were around in madrid at that time, has worked so much. and now… being 40 years old! she’s going to dance stravinsky’s “rite of the spring” with sasha waltz company next weeks… and “romeo and juliet” next year!! eres grande maureen, eres grande!

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i’m back

i am recording again. i found the strength to face it for the umpteenth time, trying to find what is missing from all the recordings i made these past 20 months… this has to be the definitive. i know why i fear this… everyday i have to face, not only my limitations as a cellist, my limitations as a sound engineer, as a producer and composser. being aware of how little i know! that i am almost 40 years old, and there’s no time for me to learn to do it much better than this… it hurts! but at least i have the talent of being a stubborn. if i continue like this, i will finish it.

i will finsih it.

i will finish it.

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