Master class & concert


Travelling to Huesca (Spain) to give a master class in the music conservatory (me! who didn’t even finish the basic school!!) and play a concert. Hopefully all this activity will give a push and encourage the recording of my new CD… So hard sometimes being cooped up at home all day trying to produce, but no shit comes out!! Let’s move!!!

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Words and me, it never worked very well… I think that’s why I make music. These last days trying to find a few words for a couple of songs, seems an impossible task. My father was a songwriter… I remember him inside his room, locked door, for hours… everyday, trying to put together some words, some chords… He made a couple of hits. Shit, I don’t wanna make a hit, I just want to make somethinggggggg…

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Feeling better

Time for a break. Going out from my countryside’s isolation to the city. I will take distance from work, maybe when I come back I quit, or I find new forces and a different approach. Yesterday I started to feel better, so I decided to research in different ways to compose and record, I spent some hours with Max/msp, it’s been almost 2 years since last visit to my beloved Max. It’s changed a lot, I started in version 4, now it’s 7. I don’t know if I like the way it’s taking, so fancy, so cool, so accessible… Anyway I love it, but when usgin Ableton and these it’s so easy to sound too “electronic”, and that’s something I won¡t let happen for the moment. Fuck electronic sound, can’t stand beats and grooves. But now it’s time to go out from here 4 weeks that I see no one but my mother! I need to hang around and blow my mind for a couple of days.

Also yesterday I got a couple of medium-venues concerts in Spain! One of them after… 3 years of chasing the programmer of the theater!! THREE years writing to him each 5 or 6 months “Hallo Luis, how are you, here I am again…”. Finally he called me back 2 weeks ago. So these two performances will help me to get a better energy for the recording, after all I compose on stage, playing… I’m not an intellectual or a formed composer, ha! I compose for the need to play what it’s got to be expressed. Without that need, I got nothing to do. Not better place to find it than over a stage!

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Totally stuck

No ideas, no energy, no belief in my work… Don’t know how to continue the recording… don’t like the things I’ve recorded… well… I have been thru this before, pOCKET rHAPSODYstuck.jpg took me two years of fight until I got it. Many times I thought it was shit, I thought I would never finish it, and I did it! But now I’m here again… and just don’t fucking know how to stimulate this shit. I am a man with no willpower, I’ve always done everything using obsession and passion, without that illness I am lost, I’m an insect without wings or stinger, trapped in the spider’s net, just waiting for it come and finish the work.

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Refuge for homosexual and trans refugees in Beriln

I had already listened to the extra torture the homosexual and transsexual refugees had to stand… they had to face not only the terrible situation of all of them, but also the harassment of their “companions”, the guards… hopefully they are going to open a space for them to seek for cover and shelter without being afraid of more aggression.

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It has begun…

I started to record my 3st CD as ecce cello. Find my self lost, afraid, so alone… no matter what, I also have very good things by my side, and I will record something much simpler and shorter than pOCKET rHAPSODY. I will finish it by April no matter what.

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My beloved russians

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In the bassement

Ulrich Seidl, presents “In the bassement”. After so much popcorn films (I admit I also went to watch Starwars), it’s time to compensate with some corncob films.

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Zoe Keating and keeping control of monetization of your digital music

Very interesting interview here to Zoë Keating, who happens to be developing one of the most interesting careers of independent musicians out there. Not only she has a very interesting and personal music project, but she has also a very strong opinion about all subjects that involve a music career, and she is very consistent and can develop a strong speech about any subject that she handles… and she handles them all!

It’s truth that she needs a new website and new pictures, but here life has suffered a strong shock recently, and there are more important things to focus in. Cheers and best wishes from Spain Zoë!!

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Decisions and casualities that change your life

Past week I had the choice to play as a cellist a very interesting concert in Berlin, with music of Mahler, Schubert and other great composers… or stay in Madrid and act as an animated character in the very popular cavalcade of the three wise men. Even if I my career and interests are right now focused in music in Germany, even if I was getting double income in Berlin’s concert, I decided to stay in Madrid; it was an opportunity to get back in touch with all my mates, all the artists I started working and studying 20 years ago. I thought I had to make an effort to be in touch with the reality of my city and my people, the political situation is getting very interesting and I wanted also to show them I was ready to be just one more guy, to be part of it. Old times of David Fernandez’s rage were over. Scheiße! …my life has changed forever. Right now I can’t go to the street without a fake mustache, or I take the risk to be beaten.

Everything was going ok. I was already into my costume of Pictoplasma. But casually, a reporter of the most known television was right to me, we had been for one hour waiting in position, I hadn’t realized the show had started, and he made the wrong question to me (there were hundreds of characters… why me??), and I said to the mic the wrong answer… we were in the air, maybe 3 million people were watching it, and a beast campaign against me started in the media. It didn’t help the fact that I am a fucking clown who never shuts the fuck up, I even put things worse… I have received hundreds of insults and death threads, I am the worse monster who fucked up the illusion of millions of children… the organizers, the Mayor  of the city and the event it self have also been attacked to extenuation for other different stupid subjects.

Spain is scary, my country is really scary. Hopefully I live here no more. I thought things had changed, but this is getting even worse. My mother just remembered me yesterday, that instead of being there, I was supposed to be in Berlin playing Mahler… how different would have been my life. But now I have to accept it, I will be forever the fucking Pictoplasma who supposedly said the three wise men were the parents, even if I din’t say exactly that. But it’s obvious, I have to focus in music, I can’t pretend to be a happy character no more. I can’t shut the fuck up, no way I can’t avoid to say what I think, even if I decided to be a good guy and behave as a happy Pictoplasma, they had to put the mic to me, and ask to me, and I just didn’t thought, just spoke. Scheiße!!!!

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Let’s watch this

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Great concert in Madrid

I had the great pleasure to play in Madrid a good concert (fingers were 90% in the right place in the right time!), also I was surrounded by my most beloved people, even my best friend of my childhood came to see me… he had never listened me before… but I must say… I invested a lot of efforts and money in this concert… and I’m not very content with Madrid’s audience … I’m gonna have to focus my career in Germany… Dear Madrid, I was born here… but it doesn’t mean we chose each other… Fuck Madrid!!! …If you don’t love me, how can I love you?

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Beautiful and exciting day in Spain, for the first time I voted feeling something, not just disgust or apathy. A new time starts today with the new Party “Podemos”, they are just the 3rd party, but they didn’t exist 2 years ago! And now the voiceless have voice in the Spanish politics, that’s soooo good!!

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Buxtehude Sarabande BuxWV235, my cello arrangement

Five years ago I got so madly in love with this Sarabande for harpsichord of the master Dietrich Buxtehude. Then I made an arrangement for solo cello. Finally I recorded it, this is the piece that finishes my last CD.

BuxBW235 suite en mi menor, original harpsichord version

My version for solo cello:


The score in case any cellist out there want to try:

Sin título

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