Fuck happyness concert!

Cartel-poster-ecce-happynessNowadays happiness has became a brand, a way of life you can buy in the form of goods. Jumping hippies with flowers and rainbows also promise an easy going happiness free of complications. Don’t wanna talk about new-age gurus. So I say fuck happiness, because true happiness (as well as true beauty) has nothing to do with smiles, nice and cute things… but with the conquer of our own sadness.

ecce cello & Joanna Gemma Auguri
Wednesday 18th Nov.19:30h. 7€
At Heiner’s – Weserstr. ecke Wildenbruchstr. Neukölln (Berlin)

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Two months of tango

After 50 tango lessons (I fucking go everyday, twice if possible), yesterday I was able to attend my first milonga (the dance places in which you can dance tango). The joy I experienced during and after exceeds by far what I expected. It’s gone really deep into my self. The human affection and contact you receive thru tango, is something that sex, family or your couple can’t give to you. It’s a total new experience I didn’t expect, and that I didn’t know it was there waiting for me. God bless tango (poor God, he just can bless it, but not dance it…). I suppose it is also a matter of age, next year I will be 40, and my interests and way of being related to women has somehow changed. I’m getting fucking old!! But I love it. wtf

Tango argentino has become a big part of my life. I’m totally and happily obsessed, I wake up practicing the steps, I read about it, I even dream with it. For me it’s a responsibility to learn to dance it properly, and I’ll do my best. Hopefully all my years of contemporary dance and ballet studies help a lot.

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Juan Darienzo and his orchestra

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One small step for [a] man (towards jail), one giant leap for animalkind (towards dignity.)

to jail for killing horse

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Matana Roberts bubble

I had read such good things about this musician, that I did a lot of efforts to be at her performance in Berlin. I invited my mom, as both are very used to experimental and work-in-progress stuff. A long time I hadn’t seen such a poor performance… after half an hour seeing her playing from an ipod (or whatever) a noisy karaoke (and fighting against it, against the volume, totally focused in that little device of the hell that took away her presence and concentration) we decided just to quit and go out. Dear! we have a lot of good things to do, as to be there loosing our time! I don’t doubt that her global project has interest, that she is interesting as investigator and has a serious proposal in her recordings… but as a performer that joins 200 unknown people to share for 80 minutes her world… c’mon! are you serious?? Total lack of focus, total lost of consciousness of communion with the audience, what’s going on between her and us, it felt like a students performance… no way… One has to be careful to trust what reads in cultural newspapers…

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Father and son loving tenderly

Mi father came to visit me to Berlin. He is learning to be the best fucking father, and this time I have to say he was very close. I felt so grateful of having him here, we had such a good time together. Futherfucker how much I love you! I can say without any doubts that my father is better than yours.

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Fuck Beethoven

The Radial System venue was totally full, people seated in the stairs and over the floor. The ovations at the end of each movement were like tsunamis. None of us expected such a reaction, we were shock and floating like in a dream… specially me, it was my first time playing in a orchestra! After so many years working on my own and doing only my stuff, it felt so special being just one more amongst them. I’m becoming a fucking musician for true. Yeah. Hurray for Stegreif-Orchester and Jury de Marco.

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Free Beethoven!

Hahahaaaa… this things only happen in Berlin. I was playing 10 days ago under Kotti bridge, and the director of a young orchestra passed by. He was listening for one hour or so. Some days later I got a wonderful mail with an invitation to join his orchestra to play Beethoven’s 4th… Hey! I’ve never done that before! …after 22 years playing cello, yesterday I tuned my instrument with other 23 musicians for the first time. I’m going to play in a orchestra, I just can’t believe it. Thanks Juri for your confidence, it’s a pleasure!

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More good things out there

Berlin-Based Company Refuses To Deliver Razor Wire To Hungary

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More beautiful things

I sell my CD for 9€, people can listen to it by free, but they want to support you, and they buy it. But next to the “pay” button, there’s another one that says “pay more”, today Justin has payed twice it’s price. Thanks Justin!!

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I was the beautiful of the week of someone!


These kind of things are cool, and can make a difference between your album being totally unnoticed or not. I say thanks, and I say yeah

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Sweiße! I’m learning to dance tango as a mudafucka. Never thought I would, but i’ve taken the decision, and there’s no way back. No better city than Berlin to learn, everyday at 19h. I’ll be there to take my lesson, no matter what.

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Wilkomenn in Deutschland!

Welcome to Europe!!

Thousands of refugees are arriving today to Germany, from hell to Himmel.

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Chaching! Another 9€ for pOCKET rHAPSODY

These are the mails I get each time I sell a recording online. Europa, Japan, Rusia, EEUU, Canada, UK, Australia… Never thought something I produced in my room with so much insecurity and doubts would have such a beautiful impact in other’s person lifes (I got the other day a message from Sierra Leona “Your music is sounding here again and again.”) From here I want to thank all of you who support my work… I am learning how to run a music project and make it sustainable. And it’s working better and better! Bancamp allows to listen all album for free, their policy is “how to make people pay for something they already have”, well, people do pay, because they feel they are supporting a project they love, and want to be part of it. You are!! Of course, it helped very much that Andrew Dubber liked the recording and recommended it, thank you too Andrew.

My father was a pop music producer with some big hits, now he has no job and complains about the “destruction of the music business because of internet”, but dad! It wasn’t destroyed at all, but it got atomized: What was in a few hands, is now in hundred thousand hands, and the costumer now deals directly with the artist. It sounds very good to me!

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Ecce cello live in Hamburg, struggling advertisement constipation!

This gig was one of the toughest I’ve ever faced. A huge theater filled with people from advertisement industry, together in stage with some of the leading gurus… I had to say it, and I had to say it loud: advertisement industry is a monster… but the organizers kindly asked me not to speak. So I decided I would use their own tools, their own voice (literally) to articulate my own speech.

I had nightmares and I felt so very insecure, I didn’t know if they were going to kick my ass out of there. Resting just hours before the performance in my huge suite with jacuzzi I almost ran away from Hamburg, but I had to do my task (I must admit I called my mother 3 hours before the performance, to make the final video… so tender…) Finally they acclaimed and loved my shit. My success was my biggest fail. I went phagocytosed. Alles klar.

Btw, I want to thank Franziska Nuremberg, after all they are people, and they were very nice doing their work. Me too.

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