Scandinavia, there I go!

Before my little tour in Sicily, ecce cello will perform tomorrow in Scandinavia at MusicTechFest!! I’m so excited, after years of hard work this is starting to take off. UUhhhh! …But still trying to figure out why I earn much more money playing in the streets, than playing in festivals or big theaters, even if I spend 7 to 10 days researching for each of these performances, creating new pieces, and using very expensive equipment. At some point this has to change radically, can you imagine?? In the case of this next performance… I had to pay all travel and accommodation expenses! The work of two weeks in the streets… I mean, if you are an average artist… how can you afford this?? Anyway, I decided to attend, and I am so happy I was invited. But this has to change very soon.

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Nice things

I lost in the streets of Hamburg one ipod I use to work. It was unblocked, but the girl who found it, instead of erasing it and keep it, phoned someone in Spain from my agenda until found the right person to get in touch and give it back to me. Nice!! Also yesterday I got a mail confirming the first arrival of a “Pocket rhapsody” CD to Australia, isn’t it crazy? There it is, my little son, on the other side of the world. …

Also I had such a great experience performing in Hamburg, I still have to think how it feels, ecce cello playing a gig in such a theater, with giant screens broadcasting my live shit, staying in a hotel suite with Jacuzzy and a giant bed. I still don’t know where does ecce cello belong to. It feels strange… Now I have 4 days to prepare the performance for MusicTechFesf in Umea!! Fuck!! I’m getting it! Ecce cello is taking off! Soon every month will be like this one. Fucking yeah

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Julius Eastman :O


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100% on Hamburg

Working 12 hours day for the ADC Kongress in Hamburg. For the moment I am lost, only 6 days left, but hopefully I will make something to be proud of. Come on!!
BTW Why always that you work in such a big events, they don’t pay?? Can anyone explain that to me? …anyway, I will enjoy and learn a lot, the venue is fucking beautiful, isn’t it??
ADC cello

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Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra

Two days ago I went to see them overwhelming the stage. This project is one of these things can only happen in a city like this. Playing their own compositions, setting up a project with so many people on stage… Chapeau!

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Starting to research for my performance in ADC kongress in Hamburg. I spend the hole day watching commercials, digging in the meaning of words I just didn’t give a shit about ’till now… trending topics, re-tweet, facebook likes, google clicks. The world in which these people live, is absolutely hallucinatory and thrilling, after all, advertisement rules the world we live in willy-nilly.

I already figured out the core of my performance, I got it, it’s going to work. But it will demand tons of hours of research and editing. Why do I create always a new piece for each fucking performance I do? …Well, I just can’t just replay my shit, I just can’t! And it’s exhausting to create always something new… but unavoidable.

This time it’s going to be interesting, the producer had a meeting with me just to tell me this: “Don’t speak, please”. I love limits, they always get the best of me. I’ll be obedient, no words this time… at least no words from my own mouth. “Don’t speak please” gave me the key: Adds will speak by themselves, I’ll use their own words, I’ll use their tools, I’ll built my speech with their speech, using the same means advertisers use to inundate reality. Let’s have some fun!

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character research

are you writing a novel? do you need an inspiring character for a theatrical tv program?

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dawn of midi

for me, this is an almost perfect music video.

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hate music

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Klagelied für ein lachërn

i had a so good experience this weekend, i played a private concert for a birthday party in kiel. a young group of people, they really took care of me, took me by train there, and paid me 300eur. better than many shitty festivals and venues from berlin!! (ah… berlin, how badly you take care of your musicians…)

right before starting the concert they were outside singing a german birthday song, so i recorded a little with my phone, and made this song to them. klagelied für ein lachërn

ey guys! if you thread me so good, i will be better in return! thanks christine!

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today sr. kirsanovs has bought my last recording in my digital store paying double. everyday i wake up and i have a buyer from argentina or southafrica… musical industry totally collapsed years ago, and even if in my site you can listen all music for free, but people buy it. because music lovers like to support music too. and people like this guy, press the button “pay more”, and don’t pay the 9€ that it costs, but 18€!!! isn’t it beautiful?? i’m so thankful to all people that are supporting my music. they are part of it´s development!

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i just could not resist… i stopped learning the gavotte et doubles, because i listened john farah playing in a rehearsal, the sarabanda from english suite n2 of j.s.bach… oh! i just could not take it out of my head, out of my dick. what a beautiful girl, what a smell of sweet fruits and rotten melon. for three days i have been locked in a room with this music, making sex, pure and abstract physical sex. there can be anything more beautiful and sad than this open legged sarabanda?

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dilletants also feel true love

last week i learned to play la livri of rameau, the piece for which i started playing harpsichord… for someone like me, who never even took a piano lesson, to undertake to play these music pieces –which i am so in love to–, is like… like… if you could spend one night with the most beautiful girl you see in the street (with their consent and approval, of course).

this week i started learning rameau’s gavotte et doubles, one of the most simply sad and beautiful music pieces of the universe …i just saw her passing by, the gavotte was dressed with a plain t-shirt, that would let you intuit her nipples, bristling because of a slight cold draft. i just put my sad face, like “poor me, i don’t dare to say hello”. then she seated by my side, just pointing north with her hard nipples… like a compass that points the way forward. i followed her to the end of the world, that turned to be her apartment, and there we made doubles during the hole week-end-of-the-world.

this music really makes me feel loved. loved for beautifulness.

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The song that thought it was never to be sung

this song thought it self that it was never ever going to be played or sung. that was a certainty for it. but then, as it gets aware, meanwhile it’s being singed in front of an audience for the first time, that it’s actually being played, omg, the song moans:

is for real, you are singing me for real?

being finally sung should be cause of joy, but the song is meant to be played only once, so as it starts, it realizes it has only 9 minutes of life, being alive means to be dying. that’s why this song is so sad. ahá. qué bonito y qué triste david, hijo mío…

it’s just a rehearsal i recorded at home…

here you can download it safely (there’s a small “download” in the left). enjoy!

i composed and performed this song for 2015 The saddest song in the world contest at roten salon`s volksbuhne in berlin. it was performed once, the song won the contest, then it died, in front of a crowded venue… like in a Roman circus, devoured by the monster of one-thousand heads that is the audience.

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