Ecce cello live in Hamburg, struggling advertisement constipation!

This gig was one of the toughest I’ve ever faced. A huge theater filled with people from advertisement industry, together in stage with some of the leading gurus… I had to say it, and I had to say it loud: advertisement industry is a monster… but the kindly asked me not to speak. So I decided I would use their own tools, their own voice (literally) to articulate my own speech.

I had nightmares and was very insecure, I didn’t know if they were going to kick my ass out of there. Resting just hours before the performance in my huge suite with jacuzzi I almost ran away from Hamburg, but I had to do my task (I must admit I called my mother 3 hours before the performance, to make the final video… so tender…) Finally they acclaimed and loved my shit. My success was my biggest fail. I went phagocytosed. Alles klar.

Btw, I want to thank Franziska Nuremberg, after all they are people, and they were very nice doing their work. Me too.

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Back to struggle

After some weeks enjoying Berlin and focused on making money, I’ve started again to spend hours to organize my work, search for gigs and improve strategies. I’ve found a very nice partner to encourage each other. It works. I downloaded wunderlist app (great app), and attack my growing list everyday. I’ve gotta push this harder, make it better, keep on believing in ecce cello and investing my best energy, money and efforts to take it where it belongs. C’mon mudafucka!

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Ecce cello’s review in Electronic Sound magazine UK


I’m so content! It’s taken me 5 years to appear in the media, c’mon! When I had my theatrical company I could be shown in the newspapers two or three times a year… but music business… hey! this is tough!

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Interesting music project and website

Good work!

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C minor prelude and muscles

I started learning this the prelude in C minor from Bach’s well tempered clavier. I spend David Fernandez (Los Persas)_hours everyday! Wtf David?! You have so many things to do, what’s the porpoise of this waste of time?? I don’t know… I also started to go to the gym, I want to get muscles as when I was younger. Bach and muscles, one day I will do something big with this, I just need some years…

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My uncle

has been visiting me in Berlin. We didn’t spend so much time together for years. Carlos was a dancer. When I was young and I decided to be a dancer (I remember saying to my mother at the kitchen “mom, I want to be a dancer”) the fact that my uncle had done it before, it was so inspiring for me. When my mom kicked me out home, he also let me stay at his small place, he had some great books, “La rebelión de las masas” from Spanish thinker Ortega y Gasset let a big print on me. Now he is 55 and hadn’t succeeded in life, he is a little looser, giving cheap yoga lessons and struggling to just go ahead one more month, he is not an example to follow anymore. He has the same anger I have inside of me, that one that has taken me wherever I wanted to go… but he says his body doesn’t resist it anymore, he’s got ulcer and several other stress issues, I can’t blame him. But he is the only person in my family with who I can keep a conversation longer than 10 minutes, I’ll miss you lovely looser!!!

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Always that I thought about changing the natural course of life, was to finish it, so thinking the oposite for the first time, has been very shocking for me, I suppose it means I’m in love with life. Endlicht.

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Live forever

For the first time in my life I thought it, very clearly: I want to live forever. I don’t want to get old and die. I had never ever thought about it. I felt it deeply. Shit.

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Still stupid

It’s almost 3 am. I’m in Mallorca, visiting my father and my two little sisters (two and eight years old), with my brother and my nephew. I fucking love my family. More than happy, I feel completed. Everybody went to sleep hours ago, but I got obsessed with a Bach’s St. Mathwes Passion’s aria (So ist mein Jesus num…) and suddenly missed so much Angelica (Liddell), I couldn’t atop crying.

I really love summer.

I am drunk. I miss you Angélica, write me back. Please.

I was such an asshole! I was young and stupid. Maybe now I’m getting older, but I’m still so stupid. I’m so sorry my love!!! I’m so sorry…

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Love letter


We would be delighted residents, if you would choose in the future to another location!!! Because if you come home K.O. from work and at these temperatures you can’t even open the windows without being anoyed for your never-ending and depressing sounds!
If you, however, should continue to annoy us, we will call the police.

The annoyed residents.

It seems, after 3 years playing at the same spot, I must find another place. The neighbors are always right, and I respect and listen to their complains; and I admit it, my music is sad and repetitive.

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Advertisement and music

I would never ever let my music to be used by the advertisement industry, for a commercial, unless I agree with the product and the philosophy of the company. No matter how much money. I am ashamed of my colleagues, that make up fratricidal behavior and poisonous products to look sweet and beautiful with their melodies, endowing of humanity and emotion the toxic campaigns of big companies. Scheiße! Diversified and professional musicians of the world: I know you have to earn money to make your living, but music should never be sold to Golliath, to help him look like David. As a creator you have a responsibility, you have something to take care of; when you sell this to them, you make yourself not worthy of the gift you have been given.

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Sweden bus experiment, must watch!

The saddest part of what this video shows, is that this may be extrapolated to many other fields; from education, to health service or human rights… and of course, this is not an issue exclusively of Sweden.

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Berlin grands and scholarships

Interesting, Berlin is giving 8.000€ scholarships for artistic proposals (from performing arts to phography or music). I won’t fucking apply, the lack of money has always been an stimulating way to creating and researching, but maybe you can apply!

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Blue vinyl award!

My project ecce cello was awarded by the British musician and producer Graham Massey at Music Tech Fest in Scandinavia! Damn! This guy has produced music with Bjork… It’s seems it’s time to get out of ostracism for my cello ass.

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