schubert: die schone mullerin

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this is the information:

at my mother’s i have my restek fable amplifier, as well as my dynaudio audio boxes. only here i can listen music properly. today it’s the turn of the shostackovich’s 5th shymphony. how lucky i am!

there’s also other important information: “long journey to the night” of louis ferdinand-céline. what a good book!

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they were buffons, clowns… artists just making fun of it all. and they killed them…


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5 am, i’m so happy!

i’ve always been a nocturne worker. here at my mothers place i can be all night working. yesterday i finished at 8 in the morning. i just send to hell all work i had done during 10 days to the other website. ah! i found other ideas and techinchal resources, voila! after 3 nights here it is:
edited: link fixed
here it is this modafucka

it’s still left a lot of work to do, and there are many miss-funcionalities, but the site i’ve done in the second attempt, is 100 times better than the other… shit. i’m so content!

fuck, it’s been many years working in this project. this year is the year. everything is ready, and i want to take care of every detail to make this launch up.

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: /

after 10 days of work, today i realized that the new site i made for ecce cello is a shity one. so i will start again from scratch getting away from wordpress and using other platforms.

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requiem for the 43 from Iguala

from all new pieces of the new cd, this is by far the one that let me totally exhausted. usually i compose with my cello, from ideas that come from improvisations. but this time i wanted to sit and write first of all the music. it was fucking tough. i couldn’t barely play it live. it was 3 weeks of full time work to record it, and over all, make a good production; finding the right character, the equilibrium in the mixing, the kind of reverb (i tried maannyyyyy…), to get on tune each little part, to choose the right take among 30… it was exhausting. but one day i knew i had it.

it’s dedicated to the 43 students recently killed and thrown to a dump in méxico. what the fuck does it matter what it took me to make it?

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mi first profesional design

CD 1 WEB CD 2 web CD 5 sin cd

it took me so much pain. and i thought i would never get to send it to the printing office, but finally 1.000 units were printed with not even a millimeter of error. for which i congratulate myself. :D

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roy kafri and vania heymann

one of the best musical videos i’ve ever watched:

of course… i wanted to know who were these two guys (the musician and the guy who directed, edited and created the video). so i got to know these two israelian mates, who have made several things together… what an envy not to have aver found someone to work with! with that affinity!

here another wonderful work they did together, but this time directed by the musician, roy kafri.

vania heymann

roy kafri

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4 am again…

5 days working until the dawn to make a new website for ecce cello. i’m gonna release the new album soon. also it’s been 4 years with the other one… which is mediocre, but i didn’t know how to make anything else. now i think i hit the nail…

i mean, is not very sophisticated, but it’s functional and clean (i hope!), and it looks much better that the old one. i just love to work on these kind of things… go into the forums like a geek, getting little lines of codes everywhere, to change this or that… i just love it.

let me know if you miss something, find a bug or have any suggestions!

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giya kancheli

when i first listened to him years ago i had a lot of fun.

silent prayer – giya kancheli

kancheli loves too many effects in his compositions, and you can’t compare him to the classics, but it’s similar when you go to watch a good film of giant popcorn, you just enjoy without thinking too much what you’re doing. enjoy it!

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ernst and sollima at work

my favorite video of ernst reijseger (cuando aún tenía pelo):

and here a bad quality one, but where you can appreciate better what is this beast of sollima playing one of his compositions:

how i dare to call myself a cellist?

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two masters

these sirs are two of the greatest cellists of our time. giovanni sollima and ernst reijseger. both of them (specially the first) have a great technique and a superb sound, but at the same time they have been able –because they had something personal and deep to be told– to get out of the classic music world, and build a very personal and solid proposal. two masters like there will be no others.

i forgot to mention that sollima has a bunch of  compositions for cello that are very respected and played often for orchestras and cellos all around the world. and reijseger composes always music for the films of werner herzog! besides his own musical works… quite a pair…

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my hero

he’s doing it again!!! live…

some day i will talk how it all happened. but this guy, michael tyson, changed totally the way i used to make music, the way i was related to my instrument… he is the father of “loopy”, the app i use to work since years ago, when i wrote him a mail, and he answered so kindly applying dozens of changes per month to his app, until loopy became the most complete and functional looper in the universe.

don’t loose his steps! he’s designing the new version of loopy live, taking all suggestions and comments from the users, to make a monster, a frankestain, the definitive music app.

i love this guy.

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marco mastering

thanks to marco pellegrino for all his delicate and dedicated work, patience and commitment in the mastering of my cd.

if you ever look for an affordable, but very reliable, professional and friendly mastering for your music in berlin, don’t hesitate, marco pellegrino is your guy!

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1.000 (onethousand)

i thought 1000 ecce cellothis moment would never come. at some point i even thought i was doing everything possible to make it impossible.

but finally, even against myself, the impossible is here to fulfill me. 1.000 cd of “pOCKET rHAPSODY” arrived today morning! 19 themes that contain all i am. 69 minutes of music which are like a testament, i could die right now, and before the last exhalation i could say: “i did something in life, i said what i had to say, and choose the right way to do it”.

of course… i hope i don’t die yet, that i will have much more opportunities to reach higher, to dig deeper.

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