I am back to internet

I also read that the most famous Spanish youtuber tweeted “Lemonade” some days ago, and this got more than 1,000,000 retweets, the 3er most re-tweeted tweet in history.

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Two weeks without connecting to a wifi! When I was 22 I trowed away my TV. I was so proud. Since then I don’t have TV. But then internet came, without being aware of how it happened, it became even worse than television. I had the illusion that the use I do of internet was under control, that it was useful and also important for the development of my work. But even if I run 3 websites, sell stuff online and use it to book and distributing my work, even so, I admit neither I am prepared nor have the tools to keep this shit under control.

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ecce in Deutsch

hey! First attempt to have a German text about my work, thanks to Kerstin (Guten Besserung!), Juri and Ladis. If you are German and you see anything that sounds weird or could be better, please, let me know! Dankeeeeeee
Die Musik von ecce cello feiert das Leben mit einem energischen Pessimismus, voller Humor und Smertz. Unter Verwendung der Zusammenführung von klassischer Musik und technologischer Welt von heute; the cello of the fucking futre. Seit 1995 untersucht der spanische Cellist David Fernández den kraftvollen Sound und die Präsenz des Cellos, gefiltert durch seine Erfahrung als Darsteller in Tanz und Theater. In der Verwendung von drei Tablets, einem Smartphone und einem elektrischen Cello hat Fernández ein Gerät gebaut, das mit einem eigenständigen Ausdruck die Grenzen der heutigen Technologie herausfordert. Ecce cello hat 2 CDs mit Originalkompositionen aufgenommen und produziert (Sunless in 2011 und Pocket-Rhapsody im Jahr 2015), und wird diesen Herbst ein neues Album veröffentlichen.

David Fernández ist ein spanischer Tänzer, Schauspieler und Cellist, sowie ein frustrierter Erfinder. Er hat unter anderem mit Angelica Liddell, Calixto Bieito, La Ribot, Robert Lepage, La Fura dels Baus und Rossy de Palma gearbeitet. Seitens der spanischen Presse gab es viel Anerkennung für seine erstaunlichen Theateraufführungen. Durch 15 verschiedene Produktionen mit seiner eigenen Gruppe etablierte er sich auch als Autor und Regisseur. Fernández integriert moderne Alltags-Technologien in seine Werke, die noch immer durch die klassische Musik geprägt sind. Seit 2010 lebt und arbeitet er in Berlin. Er widmet sich ausschließlich seinem Instrument: dem Cello.

Maureen Lopez ist eine spanische Tänzerin und Performerin. Ihre Ausbildung erhielt sie unter anderem im Royal Ballet und der Rambert School in London. Sie lebt in Berlin und arbeitet mit Sasha Waltz & Guests. Lopez hat auch mit Carles Santos, La Fura dels Baus, Cisco Aznar, Tania Carvahlo, Abraham Hurtado und Sharon Fridman gearbeitet.

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ecce cello at Volksbühne Roter Salon!

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 12.21.35.png

Next September 9th I will be there, fulfilling a fucking dream. Scheiße!

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I have to thank this comunity, how many sounds and ideas I got these last years from them! :D

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Good vibes

Some good words for these two companies: http://takt.eu and http://printsafari.com. 500 CDs of my first recording “Sunless” (which makes 3.000 sold!!) arrived yesterday. They are perfectly produced, packet and delivered to my place for 260€. omg. What’s even more astonishing, the company that produces them, charged me only once I had them at home. They helped me with all steps, and were always nice and positive: Thanks Piotr and Karolina!! Here their contact: pbalsamski [at] takt.eu

Also I got 1.000 postcards for just 50€, it’s time to make ecce cello more visible out there. printsafari online procedure was perfect. I know this post seems shity advertisement, but it’s not. It was really hard to find these guys working at these prices with this quality, so I wanted to share in case you want to produce your own shit. They work all over Europe, now there’s no excuse. MOVE YOUR ASS! Do it!! Come on!!

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mUSE Festival performance in 3 minutes

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Thank you mUSE Festival Hannover!

After 22 years peforming with my cello, I can say it: this concert was one of the most complete and joyful experiences I’ve ever had. Each step to take ecce cello where it belongs is taking years, but slowly I am getting it, and the feeling and conexion gets deeper and stronger. I always dreamed I would make it happen, during endless years it seemed impossible and unreachable… that I would compose and play my own music for cello but … it’s already happening!!! Bliss!!!

ecce mUSE 8.jpg

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Israel army sms


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La livri, the reason I began playing harpsichord

It was in a theatrical play of Angelica Liddell, that I listened for the first time “La livri”, it was such a shock for me, that I decided to began playing harpsichord. One year later we were in love, and Angelica helped me to take this huge harpsichord from a 5th floor, where I bought it. Then I told her I would learn to play “La livri” one day. Years have passed, and finally I did it. For you, my old love.

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Love you in 22 languages

love you 24 Eric Lorenzo.jpg

A project of Eric Lorezo Benjamin Jr.

Love it!

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ecce cello in Funkhaus Berlin! aahhhh

Yesterday we had some fun at #MTFBerlin, what a pleasure to play in one of halls with better acoustic of Europe! Happy me…


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