saturday 7 august 13:54

from wordpress forum some one tells me “you don´t want to be here” (referring to wordpress as web developing tool) because I´ve customized and changed everything here in my wordpres-web.

it´s truth, I´ve erased the “comments” inbox (what the hell do I want anyone who doesn´t know me at all say “oh! you´d better…” or “this is bullshit, you should die in hell…”), also erased the titles of the posts (it´s just a date of birth and a date of death what remains of us) and I don´t add “tags” to my posts.

I´ve never accepted things as they come (not even persons, that´s why my main relationships are with machines or instruments I can change as much as I want). but my main energy comes form being into an enviroment I can be against of. so I will stay.

I hate theater, but I have to do my work into a theater to make it have sense.

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