friday 13 august 2:34

angelica liddell is a spanish writer/actress… well, she is more than that. maybe you see one of her plays and you don´t really like it (it´s all about pain and suffering, her own and other´s), but the experience of seeing her on stage is something you´ve never experienced before. and it´s something you’ll never forget.
she introduced the music of rameau to me.
within 4 days my mother will go on vacations and I will stay here taking care of gamusito the cat and the house… ten days completelly alone here in the country side. no one around!! paradise. I will take my harpsichord and learn la timide and l’entretien des muses. then I will call her… it´s been a long time since last time we spoke.

different versions of la timide of rameau. I always used to tell her the most important thing was the version (and it´s still being so important angélica):



jean-pierre-rampal-la-timide (my fauvorite one, this harpsichord with lute sound like…)



festival-strings-lucerne-la-timide (romantic motherfuckers)


kenneth-gilbert-la-timide (original haprsichord version)

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