my ten days completely alone will end up soon. I´ve got in my fingers one of the most beautiful bach harpsichord pieces I´ve ever heard. the largo from the bwv968 sonata (adaptation from the violin sonata bwv1005) …well I must have many other things in my fingers, because sometimes they play other notes! but happiness has been intensive. yesterday I confirmed the dates for my next year production. it will be the first time I´m not myself on stage. it will be a child. let´s see if my ego can stand being in the backstage.
the title of the play come to me the other day in the gym, I love it:                                                   we are the war, we are the children.
it´s about kids and videogames.

if you have spotify (I can´t be aware of how many things and different versions I have discovered thanks to it) here is the bwv968 & bwv1005.

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