largo bwv968 for harpsichord

after 10 days facing my lack of talent, my fears, facing the POSSIBILITY. after 10 days of pleasure trying to understand trills, traps and distinguished memory here is the fucking  largo from the bwv968 (since I heard you … how precious you are!), with some arpeggiando errors and a just false note (perhaps the only sincere thing in my amateur playing of this piece).
[Youtube =

the young man has fun with his harpsichord while there are people out there buried alive, submerged countries, wet bales with bullet holes with no exit hole waiting to be recognized by their families, mothers without children and children without mothers. how romantic and applied he sees himself. – What an heroic gesture to have learned this piece without knowing to read scores! – he thought to himself as he watched in his iphone the recording of this video.

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