rotten apple

apple is not cool anymore… but, was it ever?
the most profitable company in the world, couldn’t it even just earn a little bit less, in order to make a better working conditions for the people who build our devices?
but it seems our world is made this way, some people have to be in bad conditions in order make others live well, very well. and it’s not only apple, almost every every electronic device is build in such conditions. our televisions, the trains, planes and vehicles that transport us, the video games… but apple was supposed to be different. at least that’s what the advertisement said! steve jobs was so happy when referring to foxcomm working conditions as the factories had “cinemas, supermarkets, swimming pools and recreational areas inside”. is that what you need to be happy?

i always bought apple devices, as you can trust them when you are over a stage. i would NEVER go out to a stage with a pc.

here you can sign a campaign in order to tell apple they are being bad boys (or just in order to feel better as you sign it, but keep buying apple devices).

down here an interesting report about this issue from cbs news:

despite greenpeace says apple are dirty, very dirty boys. this beautiful apple has a very fat worm inside!

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