playing Bach’s prelude in leipzig

leipzig. euro2012. germany played vs. denmark (bach vs. hamlet. music vs. theater). a lot of people was watching the game on a terrace around the corner. meanwhile i was playing nearby the prelude in G major suite for solo cello. then, just before the final arpeggios, bach goals hamlet, and it is celebrated noisily. “to bach or not to bach. that is the question.” said hamlet with bach’s skull through his fingers. music defeated theater. once more.

i still have to work on it for a few years more (the rest of my life). but after 15 years going round and round, finally it’s sounding ok. bach was clever as himself, as he did in his first prelude for the well-tempered clavier, in his suites for solo cello he also composed a first prelude that is a hit, a single that will remain as number one on the top ten lists for eternity. pure vaseline …after which comes a piece of meat in the form of 6 suites –with all their respective dances– that will rid up the intestines. and how gladly one keeps those wounds open.

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