igudesman and noseland

a great violin player named igudesman has filmed a film (fimed a film…) about another great violinist named rachlin. the film is about the last one, i think, and the video down there has nothing to do with it, but they both appear on it, and i think it happens in a festival the rachlin produces himself. the film is called noseland. igudesman composes great music, plus he is showing a very personal point of view on classical music that was very necessary!

in spain we have an armenian violinist (ara malikian), who is ubiquitous, but whose criteria about what can happen with classical music, when u take it out of it’s corset, only has to do with non-funny-at-all-gags and trying to bring as much people as possible to the shows, doing so many easy jokes and using all commonplaces… that it becomes not accessible, but vulgar and poor… but when he plays the j.s.bach chacona, yes, then u have to shut the fuck up.

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