this is not a peaceful cello

i hate this idea of the cello as the sound of harmony and peace. why the hell do everybody put water in the video background of every cello piece?? are they thirsty? for me cello is war. so it came to me. so i took it. so it remains. i play cello as an act of self-defense. my cello is my semi-automatic rifle. being 18 i listened for the first time to the opening chords of the zoltan kodaly op.8 sonata for solo cello. that was not a caress, it let a scar on me that is getting uglier over the years. equilibrium is not the absence of conflict, but on the contrary, it’s the encounter of two opposing forces that alternate winning. stop the fight between these two forces, and the tightrope-walker will fall into the void. mine is not a peaceful cello.

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