i am bad

by nature, i am not a good person. it took me serious efforts and many many years of trial and error, to become a “good” person. now i think i am, but of course, it depends on my own judgment… but if i have the judgment of a bad person, then, how can i know what is “to be good”?

even bad people know what is good and what is right david, that is what makes them really bad ones.

i learned that the extremes touch themselves; hating profoundly, i learned to love. wanting to kill my self, i got in love with life. keeping everything to my self, i learned to share. being totally alone (and learning to be comfortable with it) i learned to be with the others. learning to speak, i learned to listen (hey man, this shit sounds like a church shit shit).

but deep down i am still bad. that’s how i was made. sometimes, when i let my guard down, or i am lazy, or by an accident or a provocation, the monster comes out. (a vegetarian monster of course, i only hurt persons, never animals).

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