thank you berlin

i am so pleased. thanks holger! thanks sophia! thanks victor! …i put so much in each concert. when the organizers puts also that much, i feel so grateful and joyful. that’s all i need. 5 days ago i played for a community in the countryside. today i played my last concert of this year in berlin. a very hard year in which i kept struggling for ecce cello, but i also thought to give up. it’s a very beautiful way to end up the year, with this feeling i have inside, that somehow it’s working. ecce cello is growing up, there’s so much of me in it. since 3 years it’s all. today i realize it doesn’t matter i don’t play the cello well enough. it doesn’t matter my compositions are obvious and their harmonic structure is… what matters is that all i am goes in that shot. that’s what matters. that’s what i have to care about. next year ecce cello has to wear pants. thanks berlin!! bis später!!

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