when i think about the TED performance…i failed. i knew this was the opportunity i was waiting for (i made it happen, nobody knocked at my door). if i would have done a 5 minutes shorter performance, and i would have played better, this would have impulsed me as a rocket. fucking hard job these last 3 years to set up ecce cello. fuck! 5 weeks creating a rehearsing this… i just couldn’t do it better, i suppose i needed a coach, someone to help from the outside. but i didn¡t react on time. my capacity reached it’s limit. but it’s ok, i mean, not even a dammed thing failed, all my technic was perfect! this is years of trial and error. finally i got to win machines! (many many times before i have been defeated over a stage in front of an audience) but it’s positive. having this video is positive, i am doing things right. i am limited. but i am in the good direction.

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