Rameau’s distant nefew 2: Allemande BWV215

(on the subject of beauty)
you know? lately i try not to get out of home very often, because well… it’s christmas time, and you see this word: beauty, every where, and when you see it you know they want to sell something to you, buy this, buy beauty. because they have teached us that… beauty is something that is going to make you feel better, always, and it’s going to be easy, and cool and fantastic, and it’s not truth, it’s not truth.
what i have learned is that beauty is going to take you and eat you. you know…? like… beauty in nature, it’s dangerous. i mean… when you are in nature and you see a beautiful mushroom, if you eat it you die, because, the most beauty, the most poison. the most beautiful animals, they are the most dangerous. nature uses beauty to trap you and eat you. so this is like what it’s happened to me, today i’ve played this allemande from bach… from bach’s e-flat major’s french suite, like 30 times. so, it eats me, it eats me. because, it’s BEAUTY…well, i have been looking for this all my life. but… when you play it the first 10 times, you feel like embraced by your mother, in your mother’s arms. but after 20 times your mother has transformed into a spider, and you are into her net, trapped. and after 30 times, or 40 i don¡t know… you know? your mother, she’s transformed into a bear… she is eating you… and eating you… but you know? i want to be eaten. that’s the truth. i want to be eated, by this allemande.

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