5 am once more

again at 5 in the morning. and today i have only just done absurd buttons and screens programming. i am building a new midi controller for my music. i stay in madrid for two la fotomonths to finish my new album and preparing my live set to see if this 2014 i get to leave the streets … and instead … here i am again with the dammed machines. i wish the day had 24 hours, another 24 hours the night. then i could sleep 8 short hours, and work the other 40. i need loooong time for everything. i’m extremely slow, only sickly persistence make me finish what i start. when i intend to do something, it is either it or or me. i do not give up never, i do not mind being like ​​a shit or exhausted or lost. i just got the fucking button to do what i wanted … i started with it at 11 p.m. it was either it or me. maybe i should take a look at this. but i want to make music, not buttons!

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