Rameau’s distant nefew 3: Sarabande BuxWV 235

(on the subject of sadness.)
the harpsichord has a little mechanism, that you pull… and you put the “lute register” –this piece is more likely to be played with this sound– so something goes over the strings and then the sound is more like a lute, i really love this sound, and it’s very appropriated for this piece, today i wanted to talk about sadness. something that… well i am a guy from the neighborhood, when i was with my colleagues, with my friends, when i was a kid, speaking about sadness was like speaking about homosexuality, or something very… you know? so  when you knew about someone, that was sad, it was like you had to help this person to get out of there as soon as possible, or if you were sad your self, you weren’t really going to speak about this with your friends, it’s something you don’t really want to listen about, when someone is like sad, you had to help… you were supposed to help this person to get out of there as soon as possible, but this is on the opposite! you have to spend  as long as possible with your sadness, because provably your own strength is right there, the most time you… you know? because otherwise your sadness is going to chase you all your life, it’s like, there’s a quantity of sadness you have to deal with, if you don’t do it, it is going to be chasing you all your life, so the best way –at least this is what i found– is to face it everything at once. and be as sad as you can, during as long time as possible, this way you get your strength to face everything that you want in life.
lute register, this is dietrich buxtehude… a piece that i am going to play, a piece that i really love, it’s a sarabande.

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