after 20 years struggling to find and fix the intangible, i am starting to be tired of my limits. why don’t i evolve? why i get trapped in the same nets again and again? i think i have dvidfdzPersasMerida3found the reason: my enormous vanity. provably this is the only reason for which i have done everything i have done. so poor!! how can you take away a cause, when you are both at the same time: the person who suffers it, and the person who takes advantage of it. using vanity as a motor, i have accomplished very complex tasks, and achieved many difficult goals. ok. i was a kid without willpower, discipline and perseverance, so i had to learn to take advantage of my disadvantages in order to find my strength. turn my vices into virtues. but you have to pay a price for this: to feed the bug!!  when i realize, i did everything i did propelled by the unlimited (but ignominious) energy of vanity, then i wonder if it’s worth it. is there cure for the disease of vanity?? or is this already chronic?

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