thank you pim team

thanks to all the pim off theater team! you really made me feel like at home. and specially to you barbara toma to take me to milano, what a beautiful phantom you are!! see u soon.

ecce tripbut i have to say… i had suicidal thoughts during the concert; they came to my mind several times meanwhile performing. i thought: “ok, it’s enough, you are an impostor, your music can’t stand a theater recital, you are not a musician, you are fake, recognize that, realize! learn some german language, look for a job in a hotel, have kids, surrender.” i felt it really deeply, i was so conscious of my limits… it was hard, so hard. but i must continue.

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One Response to thank you pim team

  1. barbara says:

    hauahhaahah I read this just now! it feels like you really had a typical italian experience: felt at home and had suicidal thoughts at the same time. yes, very italian effect I must say.
    see you soon Mister David!

    beautiful phantom

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