never end recording loop history

i started recording my new cd recording in January 2013. I dedicated at least 5 months full day job to produce it. one moth ago I had finally all tracks one after another, as they were going to be in the cd, all of them prepared for mastering. I listened to the music for the first time out of the studio, in my bike with the headphones. the result was katastrophal. I decided to cancel everything. I won’t release this shit. only 3 or 4 pieces will remain from the original 15. so now I am redefining all my approach to music and composition. I have to find a new sound, this fake classical semi-virtuous loop thing I have been doing ’till now is simply dead. it hurts, but I must continue ahead, I am afraid there might not be something else than what I did, but I must take the risk and give it a try, my next concert in france will be a good opportunity for it. hopefully I have still some money left, and I can focus and spend 10 hours day playing and experimenting.

something inside of me (hope) tells me I will succeed in this struggle, but something outside (despair) shows me I won’t, that I will end up my days working in pizza delivering.

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One Response to never end recording loop history

  1. Joanna says:

    Hello David,
    I saw and heard you about one year ago in Berlin playing in a subway station. I just came the stairs down and first heard but had not seen you. Your music wrapped the whole bleak location in a magical, mysterious atmosphere. I was totally trapped and could not go further. Your music is really excellent, exceptional and highly expressive. Please keep the good work up in times of doubt and obstacles. This is were ALL artist have to go through. Sometimes the perception of the own work is really blurred and distorted – I bet your recordings are not as bad as you perceive them! Also CD recording is always hard and difficult, especially if you have not the money for professional support – so don’t be too harsh. Sometimes we have to simply fight like a lion and resist these doubts and despairs.
    What if you’d let one of those “bad sounding tracks” for mastering and then see, if it is still that bad?
    Just some thoughts.
    Wish you all the best!

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