i know i know


the buttons of my sleepless nights

i know that when i’m nervous, and i have before me an important performance, i get distracted myself with buttons and technology. on one hand i‘m like a child playing a game, i have lots of fun. but on the other i make my life turn around getting a button to do determined and decidedly improbable stupid task. and eventually this becomes totally sick.

i have been already two weeks on designing a whole new system for my next concert in france. from controllers, and different ways of interacting with them, to new hooks for the ipad on my instrument.

i have decided to stop making music with iphones and ipads, and use them just as controllers, i have decided to come back to the computer. after 5 years making music with iosdevices, i must admit they are not yet prepared for excelency. the problem with computers, is that everything becomes 100 times more complex, and instead of making music, you end up devoted to build the instrument with wich you will make music. but when will i finish it??!!

i still hope this is the definitive, that i will find the final system, the sound, the implementation, the balance that will save me from the void. i have also decided to change the type of music I make. give it a twist. stop being friendly. i do not need anymore to make music get a fucking coin on the street!

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