everything is ready, finally. 3 weeks of 12 hours day in front of my computer, building a hole new performing system for my live show in france this friday. there were days in which i was really afraid, there were so many layers and layers of information, of buttons that start chain reactions that start chain reactions that start chain reactions… how was i supposed to recall everything… there are at least 20 steps that i have to follow in right order just before performing… and do in it at home has nothing to do with doing it 10 minutes before the audience comes in.

sometimes i think i get so crazily complicated with my tools, because i am delaying the meeting with the creative act, i delay facing the void, with the technical complications. but i think this time i will rule over the beast. we’ll see. (i also think about… do i make better music because of this system?? of course not…). i am exhausted.

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