here is one of the big loves of my life:
MAC-ANIMATIONwith you, my dear macbook black 12”, i made the first recording of ecce cello, together we toured 8 different countries, edited more than 40 videos, did our first animation in 2D (hundreds of rendering hours!), 10 theatrical performances written in your keys, countless posters and covers for cds or dvds, with you i designed my first website… 1700 ecce cello cds burned and printed from your tripes. fuck! with this little black i used to go out to stage running 7 different programs at the same time (ableton live, max/msp, parallels + led’s editor, 4 iPhones and wiimotes connected via bluetooth, and modul8) and it didn’t collapse once, we even won the prize to “most innovative performance” in 2009 against companies with 3 macbook pro and two dedicated technicians, do you remember??!!

also so much porn has been played in your screen… dirty!

one year ago i upgraded it with 6 gb ram and a sd hard drive, it was like a rocket. but times has changed, after 7 years i had to upgrade my equipment, and i did deserve it! i bought the equipment of my dreams. i know production companies with 3 people that have produced the half i have in these last years with my little black. i always will have a place in my heart for this little beast.

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