I’m a freak.

some days ago i was with my family, with crazy kids like goats screaming and jumping all around. someone had put loud music, this music shown on TV for children. when it was over, it occurred to me to put on youtube mahler’s symphony No.3. soon my brother came down to ask me not put it loud “ey man, what the fuck is that? with so many instruments and melodies that do not understand anything! that’s fucking freaky man, you’re freaking the children. turn it down.” i didn’t. 10 minutes later came my brother‘s girlfriend. what is that? mahler. what? mahler, don’t you know it?. malek? what’s mayer??. mahler is a composer. aha, sounds nice.

Mahler – Symphony No. 3 in D minor- VI. Langsam. Ruhevoll. Empfunden

fuck. too bad man. how can anyone live completely outside mahler?

mahler is like the fucking ocean. dear esther, seriously, you’ve never seen the sea? i mean, who wants to live exposed to the sea everyday. you’d die of suffocation. but don’t you need to see it from time to time?

on the other hand I think how wonderful it would be to hear again for the first time (again for the first time, again for the first time!) one of his lieder, or the symphony No. 9 … or see his name written for the first time. that sandwiched hache!

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