i just played a very joyful concert in “songs from a room” sofar two days ago. i was one whole week rehearsing for a 25 minutes show. but it was worthy. i enjoyed it so much. and these guys will make a great video soon. now i have to focus in hannover’s performance, as it will be longer, i have to rehearse more and more. soon my new recording will be finished, after these 4 years of ecce cello hard work, i will give myself the permission to feel prepared, and to start an strategy for selling my work, finding concerts, festivals and opportunities to share my music all over the world. and hopefully my life will become just this… rehearse, travel, play, record, compose, rehearse, travel, play, compose… i’m so close to make it happen. this time i can feel it! no matter how many difficulties i find in my way (can be anything harder than playing everyday in the streets during 4 years? it was the better school i could have had). it’s so close.

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