title list design (still in process)

this endless work is letting me exhaust. but i am close to the end. producing a cd is a long wayyyyy… it seems finally the mixing is done, now i have to master (omg!), but before i have to send to the print the cd cover design. seriously?? am i going to do this by my self? yeah. i have to. i don’t have money to pay a designer. i couldn’t rely this work on someone else anyway. but… why so many colours?? couldn’t i do something cleaner and simpler??  here are some tests of the title list:





when i was 15 years old, in my punk environment we used to do everything by ourselves. designing the posters, the recordings, the whatevers… nowadays these crazy technologies allow you to develop almost professional quality productions from home at video, music, photography… of course. i know i can’t do a fine work, as a real designer would, they are able to to really crazy, beautiful and at the same time simple things. but anyway…

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