design nightmare

•    no printing guarantee for below at least 0,1mm line width (coloured elements) and 0,15mm (white elements). Are you aware of that risk?
•    We partly have still rgb-mode instead of cmyk-mode everywhere. Please correct this and resend the file.
•    There is unchanged not enough motive bleed (3mm) for the upper right motive: it needs to have a width of 144mm as well.
•    the black of the texts is majorly used in 4c cmyk-black (partly just the outlines, majorly the whole text): risk of color flashes then, 1c black would be better.

dilletant! i’m also taking care of the design of the cover of my cd, after having my illustrator file rejected 4 times from the designers of the printing company, because of technical failures –even if i asked the help of a friend who is a designer– i had this list as an answer. i am suffering, i’ve invested my best energy, efforts and dozens of hours… but doing a design to be specifically printed has very many specific technical requirements, crazy ones. after studying all the weekend (specially this 4c / 1c black color shit) yesterday i sent it for the fifth time. i pray, i really pray. producing this cd is fucking going to kill my nerves.

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