this is what i think: if you are someone who likes challenges in life,
you put your self into risk –whether professionally speaking or in
your personal relationships–, if you are nonconformist, and struggle
to change things in your personal life, or in your society… or if you
have a deep hole somewhere inside yourself, and therefore you are an
artist… then you are going to need at some point the support of a
therapist. because you are a sportsman, an athlete (mentally
speaking), and the same way that sportsmen need physiotherapists, you
are going to need a specialist in the brain-muscle, to threat it and
massage it. it’s so obvious and so simple! it will improve your
capacities, your elasticity, your resistance… but overall it will
improve your life-quality, because many times, our way of being brings
unnecessary suffering.

but i am so surprised how many people around me think of a therapist
as something for people who are crazy or suffer from a mental illness.
how wrong they are, and what an opportunity they are loosing!

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