no internet

i decided not to put internet in my new place. i use it as a tool of work, that’s right; i am administrator of 3 websites, i sell my music recordings, i distribute my work… but i just can’t handle this infinite web hole. i have no twitter, no facebook… but whatever. in my opinion we are not prepared for this fucking internet. at least i’m not. i am unable to concentrate and make a right use of it. i’m like a child left alone in a candy shop. maybe i am researching something specific, but after two hours i wake up, realizing i watched 10 stupid videos of cats, read 10 useless technology articles based on curiosities. it’s a trojan horse. i have not found the way to keep straight with internet. it’s like trying to keep a diet, and live in the middle of an infinite pastry shop. also, when i have no internet, i read a lot of paper books.  

when i need it, i will go to a coffee shop or a friends house, but i will keep that shit away from my routines. so i can focus and keep on with my life

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