do i need an institute or a mental institution?

first i thought it was funny to call it “institute for unsuccessful artists”.
cabezera institute wordpress

i created a name, a logo, a website… and then, taking advantage of this parallel reality called internet, and do it credible, i created all social media bullshit related to it.

but there were not good feelings about the word “unsuccessful”, and it seems not everyone would get the fucking joke. so i had to buy another fucking domain name and i re-named it like “institute for uncharted artists” i think in a few days my “institue” growed up quite well, and was improved with a better logo and website domain. scheiße!

logo IUA uncharted

all this came when i decided making a short-super-video to promote my work and be able to sell it. but then i realized that it was not enough. how to call attention with so many things happening on the internet, one thousand per hour? then this “institute” came to my mind.

so the institute will contact cultural institutions, programmers and festivals. and then i will make a second contact. whether they think it’s truth or they take time to discover the “fake”, i hope it will help me to be differentiated from the daily mountain of proposals and information they get, and to trap their attention.

am i just procrastinating the moment to lauch the video?? i’m exhausted.

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