filtering egos

i think i am finally close to my launch. 5 years dedicated exclusively to set up ecce cello, i must trust myself now. it’s now or never. i did this already in the past, i was my own manager with my theatrical company, and it worked quite well.

the problem is my insecurity, and my obsession for the “how”. i wanted to produce a little video to catch cultural programmers attention. that’s not easy!

i was not sure about the character it should have. finally i decide kind of interview. but how much should it last? 1 minute, 2 minutes, three?? i did a research on short videos. it seems two minutes is the ideal. but the shorter video you want to make, the longer it takes. i am suffering… so i made all possibilities.

first i made a 3 minutes version:

and also a 1 minute version

but then i was not sure and made a 2 minutes version

working alone always puts you after a couple of weeks in a dead-end. then i asked for criticism to family and friends. most liked this or that, but then i had a very good critic from a friend (thank youuuuu for being so honest and even destructive!! uhhhh!), and i realized and became conscious of something i already knew: all videos were overwhelming and full with way too many things, due to my insecurity and big ego, oh vanity!! it’s just left that i fly and trow fire thru my mouth!! it’s like saying “eh! look how many things i can do!!” but these videos were meant to sell and promote my music, not my ego. anyway.

back to start again. now i am doing a new video editing focusing in ecce cello and filtering my super-ego trip. will i be able?? not sure…

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