you are part of it, you are producing it

today i sold 3 CDs in my online store. bandcamp, the fantastic service i use, allows you to listen by free the hole music, not only a part. but people pays, why? because this way they become part of your music. hey, i produced myself these two ecce cello’s recordings from scratch, and i didn´t do crowfunding or whatever, i advanced the money, and offer to you a finished result, if you like it, and you pay for it, you are backing me, you are producing it.

one of those purchases was specially meaningful, as it was the physical cd, not only download. people is starting to buy the physical cd from holland, austria… that almost makes me cry. i have to pack them, go to the post office. it’s fucking romantic.

thank youuuuuuu

another get physical CD order!! you don’t know how happy you can do a musician by supporting his music this way. :D

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