today ecce cello was sounding in teatro piccolo de milano. my beloved colleague rossy de palma used one of my pieces for her performance. somehow, as a wave that spreads on the water, tonight i also received a very important mail. finally someone answered, did care about. connected. it’s been many years struggling each day in the streets, preparing every single detail of ecce cello, every tiny little pinky dusty particle. before i contact the people that matters, i wanted to have ALL ready.

this last two months, after i finished my new cd (hey!! i composed, recorded, mixed, produced, designed the cover and did the pictures!!), i made a new website, the 2 min. video and the institute-UA. i decided i was prepared, it was time to launch. let’s move our ass!! everyday i spend hooouuurrrsss researching the internet and trying to contact the right people, and capture their attention! that’s a tough work.

i still don’t dare to open the mail, but hey, i received it. that’s enough. the act of being heard was fulfilled, isn’t that wonderful?? isn’t that enough? what does it matter what the mail says?? maybe it will bring new and unexpected opportunities, maybe just a bunch of nice words and wishes… what does it matters?? when the sun finally shines… does it actually matter what time is it, where you are, how much it will last…?? fucking enjoy it and shut the mobile up!
i am so condemned happy.

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