Starting to research for my performance in ADC kongress in Hamburg. I spend the hole day watching commercials, digging in the meaning of words I just didn’t give a shit about ’till now… trending topics, re-tweet, facebook likes, google clicks. The world in which these people live, is absolutely hallucinatory and thrilling, after all, advertisement rules the world we live in willy-nilly.

I already figured out the core of my performance, I got it, it’s going to work. But it will demand tons of hours of research and editing. Why do I create always a new piece for each fucking performance I do? …Well, I just can’t just replay my shit, I just can’t! And it’s exhausting to create always something new… but unavoidable.

This time it’s going to be interesting, the producer had a meeting with me just to tell me this: “Don’t speak, please”. I love limits, they always get the best of me. I’ll be obedient, no words this time… at least no words from my own mouth. “Don’t speak please” gave me the key: Adds will speak by themselves, I’ll use their own words, I’ll use their tools, I’ll built my speech with their speech, using the same means advertisers use to inundate reality. Let’s have some fun!

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