Nice things

I lost in the streets of Hamburg one ipod I use to work. It was unblocked, but the girl who found it, instead of erasing it and keep it, phoned someone in Spain from my agenda until found the right person to get in touch and give it back to me. Nice!! Also yesterday I got a mail confirming the first arrival of a “Pocket rhapsody” CD to Australia, isn’t it crazy? There it is, my little son, on the other side of the world. …

Also I had such a great experience performing in Hamburg, I still have to think how it feels, ecce cello playing a gig in such a theater, with giant screens broadcasting my live shit, staying in a hotel suite with Jacuzzy and a giant bed. I still don’t know where does ecce cello belong to. It feels strange… Now I have 4 days to prepare the performance for MusicTechFesf in Umea!! Fuck!! I’m getting it! Ecce cello is taking off! Soon every month will be like this one. Fucking yeah

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