Chaching! Another 9€ for pOCKET rHAPSODY

These are the mails I get each time I sell a recording online. Europa, Japan, Rusia, EEUU, Canada, UK, Australia… Never thought something I produced in my room with so much insecurity and doubts would have such a beautiful impact in other’s person lifes (I got the other day a message from Sierra Leona “Your music is sounding here again and again.”) From here I want to thank all of you who support my work… I am learning how to run a music project and make it sustainable. And it’s working better and better! Bancamp allows to listen all album for free, their policy is “how to make people pay for something they already have”, well, people do pay, because they feel they are supporting a project they love, and want to be part of it. You are!! Of course, it helped very much that Andrew Dubber liked the recording and recommended it, thank you too Andrew.

My father was a pop music producer with some big hits, now he has no job and complains about the “destruction of the music business because of internet”, but dad! It wasn’t destroyed at all, but it got atomized: What was in a few hands, is now in hundred thousand hands, and the costumer now deals directly with the artist. It sounds very good to me!

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