Matana Roberts bubble

I had read such good things about this musician, that I did a lot of efforts to be at her performance in Berlin. I invited my mom, as both are very used to experimental and work-in-progress stuff. A long time I hadn’t seen such a poor performance… after half an hour seeing her playing from an ipod (or whatever) a noisy karaoke (and fighting against it, against the volume, totally focused in that little device of the hell that took away her presence and concentration) we decided just to quit and go out. Dear! we have a lot of good things to do, as to be there loosing our time! I don’t doubt that her global project has interest, that she is interesting as investigator and has a serious proposal in her recordings… but as a performer that joins 200 unknown people to share for 80 minutes her world… c’mon! are you serious?? Total lack of focus, total lost of consciousness of communion with the audience, what’s going on between her and us, it felt like a students performance… no way… One has to be careful to trust what reads in cultural newspapers…

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