Two months of tango

After 50 tango lessons (I fucking go everyday, twice if possible), yesterday I was able to attend my first milonga (the dance places in which you can dance tango). The joy I experienced during and after exceeds by far what I expected. It’s gone really deep into my self. The human affection and contact you receive thru tango, is something that sex, family or your couple can’t give to you. It’s a total new experience I didn’t expect, and that I didn’t know it was there waiting for me. God bless tango (poor God, he just can bless it, but not dance it…). I suppose it is also a matter of age, next year I will be 40, and my interests and way of being related to women has somehow changed. I’m getting fucking old!! But I love it. wtf

Tango argentino has become a big part of my life. I’m totally and happily obsessed, I wake up practicing the steps, I read about it, I even dream with it. For me it’s a responsibility to learn to dance it properly, and I’ll do my best. Hopefully all my years of contemporary dance and ballet studies help a lot.

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