This year is close to it’s end. Nice year! I got it once more, just making my living with my music, sometimes it was hard, but that made it more real and strong. Nice surprise this month I had… for the first time I’m starting to get € for the rights of my compositions, thanks to this and to my surprising selling of my digital album “pOCKET rHAPSODY” this year I had to play one month less in the streets.

I will spend now a couple of months in Madrid, with my family. Over there I have all my stuff and all the time to record new music, hopefully a new album will come out from there. Also I have a big concert in Madrid next Dec. 27th, it’s my first opportunity to bring my music in good conditions to my city.

Next year I will be 40 years old. I’m very close to be the mother fucker I always dreamed to be, I will keep on trying with all my passion, anger and love and laziness too.

Ah! I can’t forget to thank tango, this dance has changed my life, and has become an important part of myself.

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