Decisions and casualities that change your life

Past week I had the choice to play as a cellist a very interesting concert in Berlin, with music of Mahler, Schubert and other great composers… or stay in Madrid and act as an animated character in the very popular cavalcade of the three wise men. Even if I my career and interests are right now focused in music in Germany, even if I was getting double income in Berlin’s concert, I decided to stay in Madrid; it was an opportunity to get back in touch with all my mates, all the artists I started working and studying 20 years ago. I thought I had to make an effort to be in touch with the reality of my city and my people, the political situation is getting very interesting and I wanted also to show them I was ready to be just one more guy, to be part of it. Old times of David Fernandez’s rage were over. Scheiße! …my life has changed forever. Right now I can’t go to the street without a fake mustache, or I take the risk to be beaten.

Everything was going ok. I was already into my costume of Pictoplasma. But casually, a reporter of the most known television was right to me, we had been for one hour waiting in position, I hadn’t realized the show had started, and he made the wrong question to me (there were hundreds of characters… why me??), and I said to the mic the wrong answer… we were in the air, maybe 3 million people were watching it, and a beast campaign against me started in the media. It didn’t help the fact that I am a fucking clown who never shuts the fuck up, I even put things worse… I have received hundreds of insults and death threads, I am the worse monster who fucked up the illusion of millions of children… the organizers, the Mayor  of the city and the event it self have also been attacked to extenuation for other different stupid subjects.

Spain is scary, my country is really scary. Hopefully I live here no more. I thought things had changed, but this is getting even worse. My mother just remembered me yesterday, that instead of being there, I was supposed to be in Berlin playing Mahler… how different would have been my life. But now I have to accept it, I will be forever the fucking Pictoplasma who supposedly said the three wise men were the parents, even if I din’t say exactly that. But it’s obvious, I have to focus in music, I can’t pretend to be a happy character no more. I can’t shut the fuck up, no way I can’t avoid to say what I think, even if I decided to be a good guy and behave as a happy Pictoplasma, they had to put the mic to me, and ask to me, and I just didn’t thought, just spoke. Scheiße!!!!

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