Feeling better

Time for a break. Going out from my countryside’s isolation to the city. I will take distance from work, maybe when I come back I quit, or I find new forces and a different approach. Yesterday I started to feel better, so I decided to research in different ways to compose and record, I spent some hours with Max/msp, it’s been almost 2 years since last visit to my beloved Max. It’s changed a lot, I started in version 4, now it’s 7. I don’t know if I like the way it’s taking, so fancy, so cool, so accessible… Anyway I love it, but when usgin Ableton and these it’s so easy to sound too “electronic”, and that’s something I won¡t let happen for the moment. Fuck electronic sound, can’t stand beats and grooves. But now it’s time to go out from here 4 weeks that I see no one but my mother! I need to hang around and blow my mind for a couple of days.

Also yesterday I got a couple of medium-venues concerts in Spain! One of them after… 3 years of chasing the programmer of the theater!! THREE years writing to him each 5 or 6 months “Hallo Luis, how are you, here I am again…”. Finally he called me back 2 weeks ago. So these two performances will help me to get a better energy for the recording, after all I compose on stage, playing… I’m not an intellectual or a formed composer, ha! I compose for the need to play what it’s got to be expressed. Without that need, I got nothing to do. Not better place to find it than over a stage!

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