her skin

When I like a girl, I get drunk with her and can’t respond on my writings. I make my senses drunk of her. It doesn’t mean I want to live with her! This is difficult to explain once I press the send button (I always press the send button) I send them all these writings, and I just can’t stop it. I just found this, I never sent it to her, actually I can’t even remember when I wrote it… neither the girl for whom I wrote it! But it could fit perfectly this moment… I must be getting old, because actually I could have sent it to the now´s “she”, because it fits perfectly, and I mean it. But I didn’t.

I had forgotten on purpose to describe your skin, to save me from the torture of it’s future absence. But now that you’re gone, I recall it to enjoy this torture. Damned! Your approximate 2 square meters of skin were soft like the surface of Adan and Eve’s first apple (after their first apple, there were many more) Scientists and researching companies are spending millions and decades to find the most noble materials, those which encompass the greatest properties present in nature. But the surface of your body has already achieved it effortlessly; it conducts thoughts, desires and human passions at the speed of light, to the core of that one who has the privilege to roam it’s surface. Your skin would transform a blind man’s tare into something insignificant if he could see what I saw when, in the obscurity of the night, I toured each centimeter of it with my hands and mouth and weeping. Like a hot sand for the cold, or a fresh juice for the thirsty, but also aiming much higher! …. your skin calms and appeases all needs and unsatisfied desires of mankind. All mankind would find shelter and consolation by your skin, but hey! I’m sorry… there’s not enough room for all mankind!! I’m fuckingly sorry for the rest of mankind!! In fact I don’t care about the rest of mankind, because when I am on it, I feel the world just stopped, and it won’t bother me anymore with it’s absurdity and nonsenseless (nonsenseless … nonsenseless …let me caress you one kilometer more, just one kilometer more…)

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