That trumpet!

I love this guy. Each time he plays I shut the fuck up inside. To listen not only with my ears, but also with my guts. I have the pleasure to share stage with him in Stegreif Orchester.

He will join me as a guest next Monday in Volksbühne Berlin! We will go together into a dark forest of sounds to get lost and be devoured by grizzly bears. What a fucking honor to be side by side Konstantin! :D

I’m feeling so good… I love Berlin. Past year I also learn not to get close to people who don’t love you, ‘cos there are out there so many who do. Now they are close to me, and life feels beautiful… Because I’m beautiful kind ass, I deserve good asses too!!  Yes mom… I don’t know how I will pay my flat next month, what I will be doing. But this is my life, and I am commited to be true with it whatever it costs. 

Let’s try to focus on today. Today is everything that exists. 

Fuck! I came almost 7 years ago to Berlin to fulfill my dream of making my own cello music, and it’s happening! I broke my balls, but it was worthyyyyyyyyy

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