I can’t believe it. It was two years ago when Juri approached me after being seated listening for one hour while I was playing in the street in Kotti, the most noisy, messy and dirty place in Berlin. Hey guy, we have to talk, I’m gonna crate an orchestra and you have to be part of it. But I have never played in an orchestra. It doesn’t matter, you’ll do fine. But I can’t hardly read music. It doesn’t matter, you’ll get it. 
After 6 years of non being related to any other project but ecce cello, I thought it was time to open out, and playing with classical musicians had always seemed an imposible to me. I thought it would be a crazy two months adventure, and that’s all. 
But here I am two years later traveling in a bus with all these great young musicians, after many projects and having already ahead a big date next April in the big hall in Konzerthaus Berlin. Wtf

All of it thanks to this guy, who gives you the confidence to be what you can become (not only what you are), and who has been able to create an ego-free concept in which each individual has a place to express and develop him/her self, and where being part of something greater than you makes you feel great. I feel so fortunate and content. :D
Stegreif Orchester, is an improvising symphony orchestra without conductor and playing the music by heart, in which the members form small working groups (financing, repertoire, social media and marketing, distributing…) and also take care of the rehearsals (today you’ll do the warm up, and you the slow movement, and you the singing …) And somehow it works! 
Come next Friday July 7th to Delphi’s Kino in Berlin to listen #freeschubert !!

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