Seven years journey finishing beautifully


I decided next 2018 I will stop focusing on music, to put all my energies back to theatrical performance. Where I feel I belong to. But this week I just got the confirmation that ecce cello will play in two of the greatest classical places of fucking planet earth: the symphony hall of Konzerthaus in Berlin and the Cello Biennale in Amsterdam. Scheiße!! :D

In the Biennale will play giants like Jordi Savall, Jean-Guihen Queyras, Mischa Maisky or Giovanni Sollima. Of course I don’t compare myself to them, but being in the same program is a dream which exceeds all my expectations (but not my ambitions). Despite my lack of skills to be a great cellist or a composer with something to say (musically speaking), my love for music and my strength to create a self-contained-world which represents it with truth, allowed me to create a music project so much personal, that it doesn’t need virtuosity or a genius music. A path of seven years struggling for my music playing in the streets of Madrid, Los Angeles, Leipzig and Berlin will finish in a really beautiful way. I deserve it, and I will enjoy it like a child. 

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