Abel Selaocoe …the beast

DAvid abel y julia stegreif.jpg

With Abel Selaocoe and Julia Bilat, my new cello mates in Stegreif Orchester! This guy blowed my mind… Abel is a monster of nature, a black Marlon Brando of the cello-sex-machine. He’s able to bring together the essence of western classical music and the ancient African culture, respecting and honoring both. What a beast!!!!

Abel, Abel, Abel … Like a soldier with post traumatic stress syndrome… my whole being is totally shocked by his commitment and power on stage … He brings to the cello an earthquake, a crash of two high speed trains in opposite directions which can be heard from out space. He is an explosion of human culture which can’t be measured or explained, you have to experience it, to witness what humanity is capable to do as a species… Damned!! This man doesn’t really need an instrument, he is a self-contained expression device. He makes the word “culture” to have a meaning for me… just a few times in my life I saw this. He contains the destiled essence of two radically different cultures, and crashes them by will in front of an audience, with milimetrical precision, like the large hadron particle collider– to bring something totally new and unexpected. Bravoooooo!!!!

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