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these are the two deleted entries from ik multimedia forum. it’s old times when big companies could manipulate their costumeRs without an answer. i don’t like to be censored and get ignored by the companies i choose. ik multimedia pretends to be “social” because it’s cool, but they use the social media to makeup an image of dialog and closeness to their costumers, that is, as i have experienced, the opposite.

post 1 (reproduced from memory…):

not good news today, irigHD? wtf? the fact that ik had the worse i-audio interface on earth doesn’t mean that it is a novelty releasing a digital i-audio interface. we had many options available several years ago. they are 4 years later!

the very good new will be blueboard, as it is a product no one has yet done.

after seeing the total lack of response from the ik crew to my inquiries, i realize that it is a oldfashioned company, that pretends to be cool using “social media”, but that uses it just to it’s own shake.

i can hear my
in this forum.

post 2:
erasing my last post you have just confirmed what i was saying in it:
you are a company that admits no critics,
that perverts the two-way social networks into a single-way advertisement tool (even using censorship),
for you we are not people, but just costumers.

hopefully we are not in the old times when companies like yours ruled the world. you can’t control internet. erase here, it will multiply there. i will post my opinions in my website, so anyone googling blueboard will read them.

now you can erase this post too.

updated: someone from ikmultimedia wrote me a kind mail with some info about the delay of blueboard (end of summer), and also explaining me that i was erased ‘cos i had violated the rules of their forum. which basically say that you can’t say anything criticizing ikmultimedia. nice rules!

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