symmetry geometry tutting arms choreography

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20 cello anniversary

My 20 cello anniversary! …oh shit, I just missed it one year ago. It was in 1996, the first time I went on stage with my cello. I was playing naked (with socks) an arrangement of my own from Zoltan Kodaly’s cello sonata, accompanying the dancer and choreographer Olga Mesa in Madrid. So much clothes I wore since then!

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It’s taking me so much efforts to get into Berlin’s cultural scene… But slowly I’m getting it. Good boy!

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Here I go Volksbühne!

Bereite dich!

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That trumpet! 


I love this guy. Each time he plays I shut the fuck up inside. To listen not only with my ears, but also with my guts. I have the pleasure to share stage with him in Stegreif Orchester.

He will join me as a guest next Monday in Volksbühne Berlin! We will go together into a dark forest of sounds to get lost and be devoured by grizzly bears. What a fucking honor to be side by side Konstantin! :D

I’m feeling so good… I love Berlin. Past year I also learn not to get close to people who don’t love you, ‘cos there are out there so many who do. Now they are close to me, and life feels beautiful… Because I’m beautiful kind ass, I deserve good asses too!!  Yes mom… I don’t know how I will pay my flat next month, what I will be doing. But this is my life, and I am commited to be true with it whatever it costs. 

Let’s try to focus on today. Today is everything that exists. 

Fuck! I came almost 7 years ago to Berlin to fulfill my dream of making my own cello music, and it’s happening! I broke my balls, but it was worthyyyyyyyyy

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Here we go!

Komm mit!

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Do you love me

New piece, just rehearsing live looping at home

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#freeschubert with Stegreif Orchester in Berlin

Playing with Stegreif Orchester #freeschubert in Berlin. It was such a fulfilling experiece! Also we starting playing as a second part, an improvisation symphony, Juri de Marco conducts us during 30 trilling minutes using different signs to organize everything… an improvised symphony!! WTF

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In my way to north Germany to play with Stefreif Orchester. We have a bus for us. We will spend one week rehearsing and playing concerts. It feels so great being amongst all this young and talented musicians, just being one more. Finally just being just one more guy! Playing side by side with  musicians whose technique is 500 times better than mine. :) How blissful I feel. 
We will play a big concert next Sunday 23th in Radial System Berin. #Freeschubert

Komm mit!

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Goodbye concert in Madrid

Going back to my beloved Berlin!

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Shut the fuck up

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The agamy is a new model for our relations, consisting of the flourishing of social ties on them by dissolving the bonds blocked by the heteronormative monogamy.

I call “gamos” to the understood union or marriage inspired in objective and formal marriage. I call “gamic relationship” to one whose substance is a gamos. Sex is the sacrament of the gamos.
What we call “couple relationship”, “dating” or simply “relationship” is nothing more than a gamic relationship. The terms “partner”, “significant other” or “person which I’m seeing” are all synonyms for “gamic relationship.” The use of the term “relationship” is subordinate in our culture to gamic relationship. Any other relationship needs to be specified to correctly understand its nature. Also needs, therefore, to be defined, in first instance, depending on the presence or absence of gamos. We speak of “friendship” or “friendship relation” where there is a non-specific relationship without gamos. We speak of “profesional relationship” where there is an relationship between two people who work together and have no gamos (whereas, in the presence of gamos, will talk about “relationship with a workpartner”). We speak of “lover” where there is a clandestine intercourse, as sex, the sacrament of gamos, is violated by preventing the establishment of gamos.

Really interesting approach (despite the changing background web colors!) to relationships. Fucking tired of “are we couple? Gilrfriend boyfriend?”. Why can’t we just be what we are each moment!! Scheiße

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Internet health report

Really interesting report, from Mozilla foundation. https://internethealthreport.org/v01/

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Berlin city of tango

Ah! Berlinnnnn

I come to dance tango again in your Milongas!! How much I missed you. 

Friday at Nou

Saturday at Walzerlinksgestrickt 

Sunday at Max&Morizt

Tuesday Clärchens 

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