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Complete pOCKET rHAPSODY CD in Youtube!


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A cadenza is a part where the soloist plays… solo. Every classical concert has one. Some composers let the soloist to improvise or compose their own. But some others, write great cadenzas that challenge what can be done with the instrument. All that happens in Ligeti’s violin concerto candenza is written. For cello, the greatest cadenza ever, was the one Shostakovich wrote for Rostropovich. I saw 3 years ago in Konzerthaus Berlin, in front of almost thousand people, the player forgot the notes in the middle this cadenza, that was hell on earth for that soloist. Here Han-Na Chang in one of the most vivid interpretations ever. What a fucking sound had this child!!! Pure rock&roll

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Shit, if I only would have had talent fo rasin glefu ckingthing! What I could have done! …but I just have rage and a bit of character. omg, with all the strength and determination I have, I could have done anything I wanted (not at any price, I also have strong moral obsessions). I don’t know if I have left enough time and energy for making something worthy in life… I’m starting to doubt it. Anyway I’m gonna give it another try. I just feel it, everything is ready… these almost 7 years penitence of street playing in Berlin are over, fuck!! I’m gonna go back to a place of power, to give me the permision again to dream big. It’s time to embrace the sun. Theater: I’m back.

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Angelica Liddel & Gumersindo Puche

Angelica Liddell, the greatest

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Godspeed You Black Emperor – Sleep

Fucking worthy to listnen ’till the end. 23 years only listening to classical music, and it’s the first time I really tell to myself: “hey David, there’s a whole world out there you are not listening to”. Thanks a lot to Mill Spampinato from Sicily for sending this shit to me.

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jaleo avestruces seveneleven.gif

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Scott Ross: Leçons particulières de musique

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Anhedonia [anhɪˈdəʊnɪə]

Inability to feel pleasure in normally pleasurable activities.

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Edel Rodriguez, illustrator


This guy hit the mark!

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North: fear

When I am searching, when I am lost (and I try to be lost frequently), seeking which way to follow, in which direction take next step… then my compass –my north– is my fear… I point my being to different directions, tasks, persons… there where the fear is stronger, more clear and powerful… that’s the way to follow!! That’s my north!! Then I can set next destination. Over there is where I will learn, grow and experience meaningful things for me. Let’s move our asses!! C’mon!! Play your favorite music and kick your own ass to fly there where you belong!!

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Before kicking god’s ass

First Don Quijote’s death with Rostropovich and Karajan.

2- Helene Grimaud fucking the piano while studitying Schuman

3- J.S.Bach making love to Helene Grimaud

4- This Schuman’s lieder sentence:
Ich hab’ im Traum geweinet. [I have in dreams wept]

5- The first minute of Karajan flying while conducting Symphonie Fantastique

6- Hélène Grimaud and Thomas Quasthoff. The beauty and the beast and Schumann

7- Brutal, Schubert “Der Leiermann”, brutal the lyrics. Brutal Quasthoff

And for last: affection; emerge from the deeps to receive a caress

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Bis bald Institute for Uncharted Artists

Two years ago I created this fake institute to give support to my music project, since the hole website costs me 50€ year, I will stop it next days. It was almost as unuseful as a real institution!! :D

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